She Found The Studs In Her Wall And Attached Wooden Boards. Then She Painted Everything!

The front entryway of her home was looking a little bland, but she had an idea that would bring a lot of character to the space without taking up a lot of room! The project required quite a bit of planning, but after you see the end result, it will all have been worth it!

She measured out the studs behind her walls and attached these boards with even spacing. She attached them with nails and made sure that they wouldn’t fall.11-8a8Then, she added trim and larger sections of wood. (She used pine because it is easier to paint!) Measuring and nailing, she attached the boards securely to get ready for the next step.11-8a9Adding primer to the boards and the walls was an important step to get the different surfaces as even and similar as possible. Using a light grey paint, she covered everything – the walls and the boards – in the same shade! It gave the space depth and dimension without taking up a lot of space.11-8a10The area doesn’t even look the same after the transformation! With a few boards and a few coats of paint, the upgraded entryway is ready to greet everyone who visits with a homey welcome. The decor is simple, but stunning.

Would this design fit into your home, or is it just too different?


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