She Found A “Free Ring” On Her Windshield, And Knew It Meant Bad News

Sony Nguyen was getting into her car after a long day of shopping and was just ready to get home and relax. She noticed a white van pull up into the parking spot next to her and thought it was strange. She shifted her car into gear and quickly drove away. The parking lot had been nearly empty by the time she was finished with her shopping and it seemed odd that the van would have chosen a spot near her car when there were other spots closer to the front of the store. As she began to speed up on the road, she noticed a loud rattling sound coming from her windshield.

When she was home, she retrieved a bag from her windshield and called her daughter to come and read it. It claimed to be a free gift from Kay Jewelers, and Sony’s heart dropped.

10-18a11What if she had gotten out of her car to retrieve the ring while the van had still been next to her? Her daughter was convinced that it was an attempted trafficking operation and immediately contacted the police, but they weren’t able to determine who had left the “free gift” or confirm that it was an attempted abduction.

Many theories have surfaced since the original post in July, and others have claimed that it may have been a scam to convince people to purchase cheap jewelry at discounted rates after the initial “gift.”

Whatever the true motives behind the ring on the windshield, it reminds us all to stay vigilant for anything out of the ordinary.


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