She Found A Child’s Discarded Love Note In The Halls Of An Elementary School. We Can ALL Relate To This Kid…

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate, depending on how your romantic life is going. For those who have a sweetheart or a love interest, it is a fun holiday full of hope and promise and excitement! For those who find themselves alone or in a rocky relationship, it can sometimes feel like a slap in the face. Red and pink hearts are plastered everywhere, cute stuffed animals hold boxes of chocolate in every check-out line (yes, even the gas stations) and reminders to buy over-priced flowers seem to never end.

While the holiday may be fun for some, the days after can be frustrating, too…as this little kid found out the hard way.


Happy Valentins

I hope you have g great day. and I like you too and buy like do you mean “love” if you do me too but we can’t Be Boyfriend and girl friend my mom won’t let me but we can like and be friend and play togeter.

Ps It’s not my best riting. [sic]”

I’m not sure if this was a little boy or a little girl “riting” this letter, but I can just feel the hopes and dreams in every carefully colored heart along the bottom! The cutest (and saddest) part of this whole love story is the fact that a teacher found it on the ground in the hallway! Whomever this was for, we’ll never know if they received it and dropped it on purpose, or if it was misplaced by accident and was never even read!

I wish these star-crossed lovers all the best! Maybe one day mom will “let” them be together. Adorable.

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