She Forgot Her Wallet In The Car. When She Comes Back Inside To Pay? This Is Too Sweet!

Good deeds happen all the time! Sometimes we see them, and sometimes we don’t. Think about it. You’ve probably done a few things for strangers around you who might not have noticed your gesture. Holding the door open for someone passing the opposite way, grabbing messages from the front desk for Becky in accounting who didn’t get enough sleep last night, or picking up a coupon that fell out of someone’s wallet in line for the store. These are all small things, and maybe they made someone’s day brighter…but you might not have even noticed that you did them.

One woman had something happen on a BIG day – and no one could have known! 

I have the cutest story to tell you all. So I work at a frozen yogurt shop and the people in my town aren’t typically the friendliest.

The woman on the right comes in and gets this huge (as you can see) cup of yogurt – and by huge I mean it was around $15. She reaches in her purse to get her wallet but realized she forgot it, so she asked me if she could run to her car real quick to get it. I said sure and as I was waiting for her to come back, the woman on the left who was eating with her kids comes up to the register and starts digging around in her purse.

I asked if she needed help with anything and she said “yes, I’d like to pay for this woman’s yogurt.”

I wasn’t sure what was really happening so I said something like, “what? Are you sure?”

She repeated herself.

I just stood there for a second because this kind of thing never happens.

I asked her why she wanted to.

“Just thought I’d do something nice for someone else!” She said with the biggest smile on her face.

She paid for it and the woman on the right comes back with her wallet. I told her what happened she she smiled so big and looked like she was going to cry. She turns to the woman on the left and said “thank you so much! No one ever does anything nice for me and this really came at a great time!”

We asked why and she said “today is my birthday!”

Everyone in the store sang happy birthday to her and she turns to the woman on the left and says “I make homemade jewelry. Let me make you a pair of earrings as a thank you!” and they were both so happy and everyone in the store was smiling and I asked if I could take their picture and I got this :’)”


She was having a stressful day and just wanted to have this awesome frozen yogurt creation for her birthday! She was alone, no one could have known the day she was having. But one kind stranger saw a chance to make a difference…and jumped on it! A frustrating day turned into an unforgettable one…in just moments! Amazing!

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