She Flew Halfway Across The Country To Receive Medication From A Complete Stranger

While Ariana Feiner had connected with Hannah Mullen online, the two had never met in person. They both have a rare disease called Hypopara, a disease that causes the body to produce a low amount of parathyroid hormone which cause a wide array of serious problems if left uncontrolled. Having low levels of this hormone causes numbness in the hands, fatigue, dry skin, and more severe things such as heart and kidney failure. As a result, the girls are on a very strict regimen of medication and spend a lot of time in the hospital.

Something very special happened today. 6 years ago, Liz Glenister introduced me to Hannah Mullen through Hypopara UK. Hannah lives in England and is the only person I know my age who has Hypopara. Hannah and her friend Becky Mitchell were on vacation in NYC this week when their hotel accidentally froze Hannah’s very important medicine, Forteo, and she needed my help.

The hotel refused to help, and while Hannah searched and called pharmacy and hospitals, she was unable to locate any more of the medication. That’s when she reached out to her “friend across the pond,” Ariana.

This afternoon we rushed to fly Hannah and Becky into the Atlanta airport so I could give her some of mine. It was an amazing feeling to finally meet Hannah and to share such a rare connection!”

Missing doses of specific medication can have lasting consequences, and the quick work of this pair will not be forgotten!

Hannah and I live oceans apart, but we are bonded forever by sharing this rare medical condition,” she wrote.

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