She Finds THIS Note On Her Car, And The Internet Is OUTRAGED!

Not all disabilities are immediately recognizable. People can have handicap parking tags for hundreds of reasons, but it all comes down to one simple fact: they aren’t as easily mobile as people without disabilities. A stranger saw Justine pull into a parking lot and take the handicap parking spot. She had the familiar blue tag, but when she exited the vehicle, the stranger was confused as to why Justine didn’t look disabled. This stranger was obviously under the impression that the handicap space was reserved for people who needed a wheelchair, and that is simply a result of ignorance. However, what really got the internet upset was the fact that this stranger, instead of asking Justine about it, took the time to dig through her purse for a scrap of paper and write something incredibly insensitive.


It’s difficult, every day it gets a little bit harder. I can’t do zips up, can’t do buttons up, probably won’t be able to drive soon and [I will] lose a bit more independence, unfortunately.”

Her story spread like wildfire, and hundreds of thousands of people have spread her story to their family and friends. While we can’t be certain that the person who wrote this terrible note will ever realize how much harm they caused, we can hope that one day soon, more people will be educated about the use of the handicap parking and be a little more accepting.

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