She Felt Like An Outsider In Her Own Family When Her Step-Daughter Wrote THIS Online!

Moving on after a failed marriage is hard on everyone involved. It is especially difficult on a new couple trying to move forward in a new life together when there are children from previous marriages involved. Feelings of resentment can linger for decades in children who feel that they have been wronged when their parents have relationship problems and try to move on. Feelings of isolation can emergeĀ for a spouse that is moving in to a family with step-children, and it can be even harder to become accepted and feel as “part of the family.” This wife was dealing with these feelings with as much grace as she could muster. When her step-daughter sent this, she broke down in tears.


This is a beautiful story that made my heart glad to read! I loved the way this family was able to finally come together and accept each other. I’m so happy for this new wife who was finally able to reach her step-daughter and begin to build a new relationship! I hope that they can build a new relationship and grow stronger as a new family!

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