She Feeds This Stag Twice A Day…From Her SECOND Story Window! Wait Until You See How He Gets Up!

For the last four years, a wild stag has made his way to this specific house twice a day without fail. That’s because he knows the woman who lives inside, Mette Kvam, an 81-year-old woman in Norway, will give him snacks! They have come to trust one another, and now she is able to give his head a scratch while she feeds him! While it doesn’t look very strange from inside of her house, a passerby spotted the twice-daily occurrence and got it on camera. People were shocked at what they saw! The stag comes out of the woods in the morning and in the evening to get a free bite to eat…by standing up and reaching her window over 8 feet off of the ground! While people were amused at this stag’s antics, they were a little concerned as well. When animals start to rely on humans for food, it can endanger them, they said. Instead of foraging and relying on himself, he now knows to find a human if he wants a treat, which can be dangerous to both animals and humans in the future.

Others just thought it was funny to watch. Which side are you on?

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