She Failed This Student Without Bothering To Open His File, But When She Finally Looks, She Is SHOCKED!

Too many times I find myself making a snap judgement based on how someone looks or acts in public. The idea that a “first impression” should tell you everything you need to know about someone is a tough habit to break, but still we do it again and again in our daily lives. What is your first thought when you see a child throwing a tantrum at the store? What do you think when you see a kid at the playground wearing that same set of clothes day after day? This teacher had those same thoughts with one “problem” child in her classroom…


Tears! This is such a sweet story! If only more teachers had caught on to what was happening – I think this teacher learned a lesson that she will never forget, and I’m grateful that she decided to share this story! This one boy’s life was changed forever…but she was so very close to accidentally doing more harm to him than she could have ever dreamed! It made me stop and think about how many times I have judged someone unfairly without knowing anything about them – and how many times has someone judged me based on one single encounter? This story caused me to think about how I present myself to other people.

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