She Failed Her Math Test. When She Told Her Mother, THIS Is The Response She Got!

Hannah Cho is a high school student who had some bad news…she had just found out that she failed her math test, and she needed to tell her mother. So, she wrote up the message and told her mom what had happened. This is the message that her mother sent back:

Not only is she my mom, but she is truly my best friend. Our relationship is based upon trust and love. She never asks me to do homework, asks for my grades, or do chores because she trusts me to do so.”

Hannah, however, puts herself up to very high standards. She strives to maintain a 4.0 GPA and had spent the last few days preparing for the math test. When she failed, she was incredibly upset.

Even failing a test like this, my mom encouraged me with her positivity to try my hardest in school,” Hannah said.

After her mother responded…Hannah admitted that her “failure” was actually a ‘B!’ It didn’t matter to her mother – all mom cared about was that her daughter was happy with her life.

After Hannah posted a screenshot of the message on Twitter, people were wondering what universe her mother came from! How could someone be so supportive, they wondered! ‘If I breathe wrong my mom gets mad,’ one user wrote. ‘I can’t even ask my mom for a dollar without getting yelled at to get a job,’ writes another.

How would your mother have responded to the news that you failed a test?

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