She Emailed Her Professor To Turn In Her Assignment LATE! This Was Her Excuse:

College students can get pretty busy, and sometimes, life just gets in the way of responsibilities…but when it means you’re going to have to turn in an assignment late? Well, most professors draw the line at that and will not accept any overdue work. Sometimes, students will try and sugarcoat their excuses in the hopes that a professor will have pity on them.

That’s not what Rachel Harriman did! She decided to tell her professor theĀ realĀ reason that she wasn’t able to complete and turn in her assignment, and her brutally honest explanation has now gone viral after she posted it online.Her professor accepted her assignment and didn’t take off any points for the project being late (she made a B+!), and offered sympathies.

Dear Rachel,

Well, life happens. Seems like a good time to go to Europe.”

Although many students are praising her for being so honest, other female students are upset that she shared it online. Women are already stereotyped as being unreliable for “emotional” outbursts, and this email was a prime example of why.

Others say that going through a breakup is just as hard for guys, and if it had been a male student that wrote this email, no one would have had a problem with it.

What do YOU think of this email?

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