She Drove Home With 20,000 Bees That Refused To Leave Her Car Alone! For Two DAYS!

This Mitsubishi Outlander doesn’t seem like anything special to anyone…but to these bees, it is the Holy Grail. Apparently.

The unusual swarm was first spotted by National Park ranger Tom Moses, who didn’t realize what the brown spot was. It could have been mud, but it was an odd place for dirt. Then he realized that it was actually a swarm of bees! Around 20,000 bees, to be more precise.

Cars began to slow down and take pictures of it – but no one wanted to get too close, understandably! He called the¬†Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association who sent out two beekeepers to get the swarm under control.

The beekeepers used a makeshift hive made out of a cardboard box with a hole in it. They gently brushed the bees into the hole! They speculated that at one point, the queen may have gotten trapped in the car, but they couldn’t find her. Why else would 20,000 bees follow a car in such a way?
They weren’t able to get all of the bees, so the owner of the car decided to just drive it home…but the bees followed her the entire way! When she got home and realized that the bees were still swarming her car, she called the beekeepers to her house so that they could collect the rest.The public has dubbed it a “bee-related nightmare,” probably because regular nightmares aren’t as terrifying. The bees had apparently been chasing the car for several days, and the owner of the vehicle was just hoping that they would eventually give up on their strange quest!

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