She Dropped Her Phone While Her Neighbors Were Gone. The Two-Day Long Ordeal Is Outrageous!

On a Tuesday afternoon, her phone fell through a crack in her balcony and ended up on her neighbor’s patio. She panicked for a second and went downstairs to knock on their door. In a world where we use our phones for just about every part of our lives, being without it for even a few hours seems very strange. To her disappointment, no one answered the door. She tried several times over the course of the evening, but no luck. They must have been out. She posted a picture on Twitter using her camera and laptop, hoping for suggestions on how to get it back.

After no help from the super of the building, she was forced to go to work the next day without it. She checked the weather and realized that it might actually rain. She dropped a bag on top of it from her patio and hoped it would protect her phone. After work, she came home to find that it had gotten wet, and that all of her notes to her neighbors hadn’t been touched. She was on her own.

Jokingly, she posted all of the items she was going to use to get her phone back. A friend came over and together they devised a plan using random items covered in super strong Gorilla tape! After days without her phone, it was finally rescued!It was a little worse for wear, but it still worked!

And so ended the saga of the dropped phone, to the cheers of thousands of people who had been following her story for days!

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