She Drills Holes Into Pieces Of Plywood. In The End, Her Garden Is STUNNING!

Maintaining a beautiful garden is hard work. Many hours need to be spent weeding, pruning, fertilizing, watering…the list goes on and on! But many agree that having a gorgeous array of colors and smells just outside of the front door is worth it.

There are many tips and tricks out there to keeping a gorgeous garden all year long, but one of the most impressive methods is having a large planter.


One talented woman decided to build her own. After a lot of trial and error, she was able to create this impressive work of art! Well…at first, it was just a box with holes drilled into it…but it will be!4.6a2

She began by adding moist soil and a row of regular, cascade, and wave petunias, all mixed together. Then, she started working her way up, layer by layer. Adding potting soil, weed guard, and even packing peanuts to take up some of the space in the large box. She could have filled it completely with soil and fertilizer, but it would have taken a LOT to fill up that space.4.6a3

After two months, the flowers were growing well and adjusting nicely to their new home! You can see that the mix of different types of flowers helped to balance out the colors and sizes.4.6a4

But as soon as the flowers appeared, they vanished suddenly! This is not as beautiful and a little disappointing. She did a little research and sprayed the plants with bug repellent. One week later…4.6a5

Everything was in full bloom! She admits that the next time she does this, she will organize the different flowers a little more thoughtfully. The cascade petunias had taken over an entire side of the planter! 4.6a6

It’s still a very impressive accomplishment! Who needs petunias that only grow from the ground? This is much cooler! Would you do this in your garden?

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