She Documented Her Mother’s Progression of Alzheimer’s With Heartbreaking Works Of Art

At just 54 years of age, Rene Wuillermin was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. While she and her family were still reeling from the news, she began looking for ways to cope with the weight of it all. Her doctor suggested that she do something to keep her mind active, and that is when she decided to crochet intricate designs to help herself stay focused.

For a while, her designs were perfect, and it was difficult for anyone to tell that there was anything wrong. Sadly, the disease is one that progresses slowly at first and rapidly as it gets closer to the end.

Her daughter, Sara, discovered the squares that marked the progression. She often remembered her mother working on her pieces, but as the years wore on, the things she produced became looser, less uniform, and eventually, nothing at all.While she was unable to knit anymore, she still carried her knitting needles, moving them as if she were creating something but unable to hold down the idea of it.

For over twelve years, her mother held on. She was cared for by her family at home, later by a nurse, and most recently, a hospital room decorated with photographs of her family and bright, bold colors.

As the story spread, people were reminded not to take their time for granted, and the visual reminder was stunning.

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