She Discovered That Her Wallet Was MISSING Just Before Going To Pay. When She Realizes Who Took It She CONFRONTS Them!

Everyone has fallen onto hard times at one point. For Jessica, losing her wallet wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but it would have been terribly inconvenient. If you’ve ever hard your wallet or purse stolen, you can understand the incredible stress that follows immediately afterwards. You have to cancel all of your credit and bank cards which means hours on the phone, you have to dig up your birth certificate and try to have your ID re-issued, you have to do serious damage control in case you happened to have any sensitive information in your wallet, and overall, it’s just a really sad thing to have to deal with. 

Jessica realized what happened almost immediately, however, and she decided to confront the person who she knew must have stolen it from her bag!


…sometimes all you need is a second chance.”


This woman didn’t let the frustration of the moment cloud her judgment. She could tell that the man was truly desperate, and she could tell that he probably didn’t do this sort of thing very often. When she learned the truth about his situation, his kids, and his struggles, it was the easiest decision in the world to buy his groceries. Hopefully he will take this event for what it was and learn from it as best as he could. 

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