She Discovered An Easy Way To Let People Know That She’s Deaf In One Ear. It Turns Out, She’s Not Alone!

Imgur user, raingoose, uploaded this picture that has caused quite a stir on the internet recently. Whether or not you agree with tattoos, we can all agree that this was quite clever! Having a physical disability is a hard thing to live with, day by day. Having a disability that is easy for people to forget about because they can’t see it? Well, that can be even harder.

She is deaf in one ear, and a lot of times, people might forget that fact. If anyone comes up behind her and starts talking from the left side, she won’t be able to hear them. One of the easiest ways to remind people? A tattoo.

The symbol can be found on many computers, telephones, and keyboards – it means that the sound is muted. Essentially, no sound on this side! People may not see it clearly from the front, but it’s mostly used when people approach from behind. The remind is subtle, yet effective!

Since I’m deaf in one ear I thought this was a friendly [way] to tell the world [they should] not [be] talking to me from the left.”


What’s more? Another user took her idea and did the same thing! It really is smart!

Being deaf in one ear can be difficult because to everyone else, conversation seems normal. I have to constantly ask people to please forgive me but I can’t hear them when they talk into that side. People who’ve known for a year now, but it’s easy to forget when you’re in a room talking and someone moves, and they don’t remember that that’s how things work for me now.”


So I’m going to test this out. It might be a good reminder, since the majority of the time I’m just reminding people that they are talking to the side that doesn’t work.”

He has advice for anyone who might want to try this out, but do not want to have it permanently tattooed onto their skin!

“1 – Paper w/glossy packing tape along the top edge.

You’ll be printing on the TAPE, so be sure to pay attention to where you’re placing it and printing.

2 – Put image in whatever program you want to print from, sizing it right and aligning it so it’ll print on the gloss tape.

Make sure this is a small image.

3 – Print on glossy tape section of the paper.

Don’t touch it once the printer is finished!

4 – Press firmly to location, making sure not to move it around when you press down or lift up.

Carefully cut out the small area around the ink and press it onto your CLEAN skin. Don’t touch it until it dries 

Instant temporary tattoo.”

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