She Dips This Wire Plant Stand Into A Bowl Of Cement. Results? I Need This!

It sounds crazy, but she had an idea that just wouldn’t leave her alone! She knew that her home could use a new end table, but wanted something other than the typical style you might purchase at a store. She decided to share her idea, and we are in love with the idea!

First, she bought cement and mixed it by following the instructions on the bag. She was looking for a “smooth, cake-batter-like consistency,” she wrote. She also sprinkled in a bit of fabric dye to give the cement a marbled effect.

Next, she poured the cement mixture into a plastic bowl and tapped the edges to release any trapped air bubbles from inside of the concrete.

Before it finished drying, she added this plant stand into the mixture upside-down! This part is important, so do not press the wires all the way to the bottom of the plastic – you don’t want them to poke through the top!

She left it to dry for three days, and then popped the entire thing out of the container!11-17a1 The gorgeous end table stood proudly in the sitting room, holding decorative mugs and looking adorable. 11-17a2The marbled effect of the fabric dye was a surprise. She thought that it might be slightly visible, but it added a lot of color to the final design. The smoothness of the plastic container also helped the table top to be perfect and shiny! This is an easy project that looks beautiful! You can see more details here!


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