She Died 3 Months After This Picture Was Taken. What Her Friends Are Doing To Honor Her Memory Is Inspiring!

In a bittersweet photograph, Catherine Malatesta smiles on her way to prom, dressed in a navy halter dress and golden braids to match her date. She had the perfect date, the perfect dress, and was surrounded by friends to celebrate her life.


At the time, when most teens are going to prom as a milestone and looking to the future, Catherine was fighting for her life. She was battling Stage Four cancer and had been released from the hospital to attend her prom. 4.29a24

It was a dream, and she spend the night dancing and having fun with her friends. The next day, she was back at the hospital, and three months later, she passed away.4.29a25

But her friends are determined to help her memory live on in a move that was inspired by a popular story. They are calling it “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Prom Dress.”4.29a27

Her friends are taking turns wearing the dress across the country, and they expect the dress to rack up a lot of miles! It’s a beautiful gesture to grieve for their lost friend, remembering her in a way that keeps her close to their hearts.

Her friend Jillian was the first to wear the dress.

I definitely felt her with me the whole time and it was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Catherine was always a very happy and positive person and I really felt that positive energy.”4.29a26

A beautiful gesture for a beautiful girl, taken from this world much too soon!

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