She Didn’t Want Her Children To See Her Cry, But When A Stranger Did THIS, She Couldn’t Help It!

When life gets hard, it can be really difficult to get back on our feet. Maybe a job didn’t pan out like we’d hoped, maybe the rent was raised suddenly, or maybe we’re just having a really bad day. Whenever I see someone who looks like they could use a helping hand, I try to do what I can for them. Sometimes, that’s adding a few of their groceries to my bill. Maybe it’s giving a stranger a ride to the nearest bus stop or dropping the change from my pocket into a beggar’s cup. Sometimes, all I can really do to help is to smile and hold open the door for someone else. These small gestures of everyday kindness can go a lot farther than we think. In this story, that is especially true…


How incredible is this story? It’s just coincidence after coincidence that led to changing this woman’s life (and probably her kid’s, although they won’t know it). She was running out of gas and stopped at this station. He had unexplained car trouble and also ended up at this station. So many incidents led up to this one amazing story and I think everyone should read it!

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