She Didn’t Want Eggs, But They Were Going To Charge Her MORE! This Senior Citizen Knew Just How To Handle This Diner’s Ridiculous Policy!

Some small diners have quirky menu prices. When something goes on “special,” it might be that they are just trying to push a certain menu item in order to balance out their stock! Ordering a complete meal might be significantly cheaper than ordering each items separately. Most times, they don’t have to worry about any changes to their dishes. People just order “the special” and that’s that! But when someone wants to change things up, the diner can get a little…well, confused!


Some diners just aren’t used to making changes! This waitress not only knew that the change would cost more, she also knew the price of two random a la carte items combined! I hope they tip her for letting them know before the bill came!

Some restaurants would just tack on the extra fee without saying anything, but I bet this waitress was happy to ask for two raw eggs to go along with this woman’s meal! I can imagine the scene in the kitchen being hilarious as the manager tries to weasel out of the price change! Too bad – this lady is too smart for this diner!

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