She Didn’t Trust Her Vet…And It Cost Her $550!! What An EXPENSIVE Mistake!

How much do you trust medical professionals? In some cases, we may search for second opinions if we don’t agree completely with the first physician that we see. A lot of the times, we might bring up concerns and find that the doctor won’t budge on the initial diagnosis. In rare cases, even though the diagnosis is 100% clear…some people may STILL have trouble believing what the doctor is saying! For this woman, it turned out to be a very expensive mistake! I feel so bad for her!


This poor woman! The only thing she was guilty of was having too much hope! How could her precious pet be dead? They must have had a very good relationship…

This joke made me laugh so hard! It combines the silly way patients refuse to believe what is right in front of their eyes with the OUTRAGEOUS cost of health care! This woman should have just gone to another vet. “Lab Report.” Ha. Too clever!!

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