She Didn’t Recognize Spousal Abuse Until 12 Years Later! The Realization Left Her In Shock.

There is no such thing as a “perfect” relationship. Try as we might, we are all just people trying to get along with each other, and sometimes we fall short of even our own expectations. The most important thing is to help each other get back on the right path when we find ourselves straying. I don’t mean to nag about the overflowing trash can, and he doesn’t mean to forget to take it out with him in the mornings, but still, it happens. So how do we stop the cycle? This woman has a pretty good idea…


When you get comfortable with someone, it is so much easier to lash out and be rude. It’s easy to cut them down during an argument because we know so much about them. Recognizing that behavior is one thing, but doing something to correct it is the most important part of building a healthy relationship. It’s hard to admit when we are wrong, but I would much rather admit that I have made a mistake than ruin a perfectly good relationship. This woman’s post really touched me, and I suddenly feel the need to tell someone that I love them very much…even if I yelled about the overflowing garbage this morning…

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