She Didn’t Realize Her Post Would Go Viral. More People Cared About This “Stack Of Pizza Boxes” Than She Thought.

The shooting in Orlando, Florida has put a spotlight on the city. But as much horror as there is in the city from the incident, there is more and more good pouring out as a result. People aren’t letting the horrible event stop them from helping those around them, and when this post went viral in just hours, it inspired even more people to go out and do what they could to help.¬†

So I know this looks like just a stack of pizza boxes, but it represents so much more. As I woke this morning to the news of the shooting overnight, my first thought was that I wanted to help. I quickly learned the best thing I could do was go donate blood. I’m O+ and they needed my blood. So off I went.”

But when she got there, she was surprised to find that the line was out the door. 30 people were lined up, waiting their turn, and it was obvious that the employees were getting tired.

I was talking to one of the¬†employees and asked if anyone had offered to get them lunch yet. He seemed a little shocked and was extremely grateful. Two of the gentlemen standing next to me in line waiting to donate blood chimed in and opened their wallets and insisted I take their money because they wanted to help.”

It was the right thing to do to support the people supporting them, and more people were just getting started when it came to giving.

When I got to the Pizza Hut store and told the woman behind the counter what I was doing, she donated another $30 worth of food.”

There ended up being more than enough food for the employees, and they wanted to share it with the people outside who were waiting as well. And within hours, more people came to the blood bank donation center with water bottles, snacks, ice, drinks, coolers, umbrellas, Popsicles, and even sunscreen. If they couldn’t donate for some reason, they supported the people who could.

When I had first arrived there were maybe 30 people in line. When I left there must have been at least 200. There was 5-7 hour wait to donate blood and people stayed.”

People stayed.

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