She Didn’t Need This Tiny Lamp Anymore. She Transformed It Into A Crazy Message Board!

Have you ever received a strange pineapple-themed housewarming gift? This clever crafter didn’t have any use for a tiny lamp that wasn’t very bright. After contemplating it and wondering what she could use it for…she decided on something really cool! She disassembled the entire thing and got to work!She used this thrift store frame and drilled a hole into the bottom just big enough for the stem on the lamp to fit into. She painted them both the same color (gold) and then painted them both white. This small detail makes a lot of difference!

She then replaced the inside of the picture with a piece of cardboard that had been coated in a chalkboard spray!
Once the project was finished, she had a truly unique addition to her home that both utilized the strange gift and added a bit of character to the room!Sometimes, the secret to a really awesome DIY project is the desire to reuse a certain object. Do you have anything like this in your home that could use a little face lift? See here for more details on this project!

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