She Didn’t Expect Her Child To Be Kept At The Hospital Over Night…And Has The Parking Tickets To Prove It!

These random acts of kindness are popping up everywhere…and we mean EVERYWHERE! These good deeds are happening all over the world! People are “paying it forward” left and right. Buying dinners for strangers, helping people purchase groceries, giving strangers help when they need it the most, and caring for the homeless just a little bit at a time, mysterious do-gooders are everywhere. And maybe they have been around for a while, but with the aid of social media, it’s easier for us to hear about them…and spread their stories across the internet! Mairi Holden can tell you that these little acts are very much appreciated, and they made a difficult night bearable. She couldn’t wait to share her story!


What does this incredibly thoughtful note say?

Pay it then forget it happened!”

A stranger passing by the line of cars on the street would have seen this parking ticket clearly on window. It would have been obvious that someone parked there quickly. By the amount of time that the car had been left, it would have also been obvious that they hadn’t planned on staying at the hospital overnight. And since it was a hospital for children…it would have been obvious that someone was having a bad night. This awesome stranger decided that this mom had¬†enough¬†to worry about! She didn’t need a parking ticket to think about on top of everything else! Thank you, awesome stranger! I hope someone does something nice for them very soon!

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