She Did Something SO Inconsiderate On A Flight! One Guy’s Tweet Went VIRAL Before He Even Landed…

A reporter for the Boston Globe was on a flight, traveling with a friend and minding his own business when out of nowhere, THIS monstrosity flipped over the in-flight display…


Alright, so that’s an impressive ponytail, we’ll admit, but it definitely belongs on her head and not in another passenger’s personal space! Traveling by air comes with a whole list of annoyances. From delayed flights, cramped cabins, smelly passengers, and only two bathrooms for hundreds of people, nerves tend to rub themselves raw very quickly.

And the last thing (most) people want to do is start a confrontation thousands of feet in the air with nowhere to go. His tweet went viral, and people were giving him tips like, “tell the stewardess, she’ll handle it!” or the more extreme, “just cut it off!” He cleared everything up on his own, though.

He politely asked the woman to remove her ponytail from the seat, and she did…but never looked up from her phone. It seemed that she was completely oblivious that her actions would be annoying to anyone around her.

This just brings a new issue to light. People are more inclined to post shameful pictures of the people around them instead of confronting others on their rude behavior.

What would you have done, if this was you in the middle of your trip? Stuck gum in it, like one person suggested, or politely ask her to move it?

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