She Decided To Go On 100 Dates. The Result? A Book Deal, And The Love Of Her Life!

Have you ever been on a date so bad…you just couldn’t stop yourself from writing a book about it? One woman decided that she wasn’t going to live in a bad relationship. Life is too short to be unhappy, right? She decided to go on 100 dates with 100 different people…and boy, did she end up with a lot to say about it!


In 2011, I ended a terrible relationship. I came up with the idea to go on 100 different dates with 100 different people and write a book about it. And I did! I met each of the men at coffee shops and drank 100 cups of cocoa over about a year and a half. Most of the dates were awful.

There was the guy who wore shorts in the middle of November in Chicago because he deemed pants “too formal” for a first date.

Another date where the man was on his cell phone the entire evening. And then there was the guy who walked out of the restaurant when I said I was a democrat.

The list of misses goes on and on. Until I met Drew. He was ‘Date #100’ and the end of my search for love. He was funny, intelligent, and intriguing. Our first date was almost eight hours long. We were married this past spring and everyone used my now published book as the guest book at our wedding shower.

We recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy in October. I wrote my own love story and it has the perfect ending.”

I will say one thing. Meeting different dates for coffee seems like a waste of a good time. I mean, out of all those 100 people, surely some of them could have taken her on some really exciting dates, right? They probably all had interesting hobbies that they would have loved to share. Sure, some of them were probably straight up weirdos, but at least she found her true love in the end 🙂

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