She Decided That The “Garbage” From Wedding Receptions Should Be Used In This AWESOME Way!

As an event planner, Jennifer Grove is very familiar with the way that weddings work. After working for hundreds of couples, she began to see a disturbing trend surface after each and every wedding.


With so many weddings happening in the county every year, it’s no wonder that there is a surplus of garbage at the end of the events.3.23a24

I was that person at the end of the night that would see all of the garbage and say ‘Yep, you can throw all those flowers out.'”

So she decided to offer her additional services after the wedding as well. For a fee, she will take the flowers to local hospitals and nursing homes to brighten up the days of people who are spending long spans of time in cold hospital rooms.


It’s the first act of charity that a husband and wife can do as a couple. They are using their discarded flowers to bring joy to the people who need it the most!

The flowers brighten rooms and bring joy to people who desperately need a little bit of cheering up!

A simple bouquet of flowers can do wonders for people who are spending weeks in these hospital rooms, and its all thanks to these generous couples.


I love Monday mornings when our team shares post-weekend thank you emails from the couples, parents of newlyweds, hospice staff, children of parents in hospice and so on,. I’m constantly inspired knowing my team’s hard work touches the hearts and lives of so many.”

What a beautiful service! More venues need to offer this service. It’s a shame to waste all of those gorgeous flowers!

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