She Cuts Up Old T-Shirts And Does Something I Didn’t Expect!

Show Mom some love any time of the year with a DIY T-shirt scarf. No sewing or budget required! This is a fantastic craft for kids to do, and all you need to make this funky braided scarf is an extra large T-shirt with no side seams and fabric scissors. You can further decorate your chosen shirt with fabric paint, but that is optional.

Begin by cutting the bottom seam of the shirt and taking off the top bit by making a cut under the armpits. Take your rectangular piece of fabric and cut it into strips. Arrange all them in a line and make a cut at one point so you don’t have circular strips but straight ones. To start the braid, find an anchor to hold the strips together, leaving a foot of fabric at the top, then start braiding. Divide the strips into three even portions and keep going until about a foot at the end. Tie the top and bottom together with a knot and cut layers on the ends for a more fashionable look. Done!

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