She Cut Up 12 Pairs Of Jeans To Create This Water-Resistant Upcycled MASTERPIECE!

As the years pass, our closets may end up housing an entire shelf full of old jeans. They don’t fit right because we’ve lost or gained weight, the fabric stretched thin at the knees, or they’ve just faded too much to look nice…but we still don’t throw them away. “It’s good material!” we justify ourselves, keeping 5, 10 or 30 pairs of jeans that have gone out of style.

One mom decided to do something about it, and it all started when she went to the park with her kids one day. The ground was wet and her blanket soaked through. There weren’t many benches at this particular park…but she had an idea.

She took out all those old pairs of jeans and began cutting them in 6 1/2 inch squares (making sure to keep some pockets!) and lined them up, 11 x 11. 8.31a7She used simple quilting techniques, ironing each seam as flat as possible, mixing and matching different fabrics and colors, and taking care to keep it all even.

She sewed a fabric shower liner to the back. It was genius. The extra lining made this blanket a new favorite. It didn’t matter if it had rained the day before or if the grass was muddy. The kids could sit for a minute’s rest, mom could relax for a while, and they could have a nice picnic without dirt and sand and gravel seeping up through the fabric.8.31a8While it may be a bit bulky, it is well worth the trade-off.8.31a6See more details on this awesome project here! Will you be creating one with all those leftover jeans in your closet?


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