She Creates Magical Pictures Using The Cheapest Fabric And Her Adorable Kids!

Anna Rozwadowska has two children, Barbara and Jacob. One of her passions? Taking magical pictures! She creates unique outfits out of whatever fabric she happens to have lying around. Sometimes she’ll buy a little bit here and there, but for the most part, she lets the children shine. They are the most important part, she thinks.5.17a53She doesn’t claim to be a professional photographer, but just by looking at the pictures, you can tell that she puts a lot of love and care into the scenes that she sets. Whenever she finds time, she dresses the children in their adorable costumes and makes their dreams come true.5.17a54The places she finds are near to her home. She doesn’t like to travel very far, but she takes care to choose spots that seem ordinary so that she can bring her visions to life!5.17a55The photo sessions only take about 15 minutes, and her daughter can sometimes get the “winning” shot in just a few minutes! They love being the stars of these amazing stories, and often have their own ideas to contribute to mom’s work.5.17a56With her kids, she is able to bring the images to life. A touch of shading here and a brightened spot there, and the pictures are ready to be printed out and framed on a wall. Just look at this cute shot! 5.17a57It’s a lake near their home, but her son’s careless enthusiasm adds a dash of wonder.5.17a58 He really looks as if he is prepared to storm the beach and do a bit of light raiding with his Viking brothers!5.17a59 This is adorable. She looks as if she has just stepped out of the 1930’s!5.17a60

These are so much more exciting than those yearly pictures taken at school!

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