She Created These Whimsical Yarn Pumpkins In One Afternoon!

A collection of real pumpkins isn’t possible for everyone, but creating dainty, delicate looking decorations is a lot easier than you may have realized! Pumpkin season is here, and whether you are making spooky crafts for Halloween or simply decorating for the brisk fall weather, these yarn pumpkins are the perfect way to welcome the changing leaves!

So, why is this craft so great?¬†you’re probably thinking. It”s partly¬†because you can do it in front of the television while you catch up on your favorite shows, but mostly because you’ve probably already got all of the items in your home! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Yarn or string (any color)
  • A fork
  • School glue
  • Balloons
  • Potpourri, pipe cleaners or cinnamon sticks

Blow up a balloon into a small shape. The larger the balloon, the more yarn you’ll need. Pour your school glue into a small bowl and place your yarn to one side of it. Tie one end of your yarn to the balloon’s knot and spread a bit of glue on the string to get started. Begin wrapping the yarn around your balloon and place a section of yarn into the glue, using your fork to strain excess glue before wrapping it around your balloon.

10-18a1The more yarn you use, the more stable your finished pumpkin will be. After you feel the balloon has been sufficiently covered, set it to dry completely.
10-18a2To remove the yarn, she pressed the balloon down to carefully detach the yarn. Once the yarn was completely separated from the balloon, she popped it and removed it from the pumpkin.10-18a3Next, she added pipe cleaners to create “stems,” but many crafters prefer to use autumn-scented potpourri or even cinnamon sticks for this step! What do you think of these adorable pumpkins? See more details here!


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