She Created A Magical Fairy Home With An Old Juice Bottle, Stones, And Glue! Perfect For Gardens!

Adding small details to a garden or yard can make a lot of difference in the way it looks. While it is possible to buy cute accessories like glass butterflies or colorful windmills, she came up with a whimsical idea that really took off: fairy homes! She needed a way to build the homes without having to construct them out of something complicated, and using sturdy bases that wouldn’t degrade outdoors was the first step.

In this attempt, she used a plastic juice bottle, but notes that she has had success in the past while using hollowed gourds, glass bottles, and¬†wooden structures such as smaller bird houses. She cut out the shape of the “home” and got to work!She put down a plastic bag and spread some wood glue in a small area. Then, she dumped small pebbles on top of it and moved them around until she liked their placement. After about 30 minutes, the wood glue had dried around the stones but was still wet near the plastic. It was easy to peel up the stones and place them on a piece of fabric – she used burlap – and attached the fabric to the bottle with a strong outdoor silicone glue! The flexible nature of the glue will allow you to create all sorts of interesting designs.To keep the stones in place outdoors, use a coating of sealant to protect the stones from coming loose during rainstorms or strong winds.¬† With a little creativity, this fairy home now looks like a fairy might live very comfortably overlooking her beautiful new garden! You can find more details on this project here.

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