She Crafted An Endless Supply Of Dish Soap With This Crazy Kitchen Hack!

This method works great if you’ve got a soap dispenser built into your kitchen sink, but if you hate refilling the tiny little bottle underneath your sink, this clever lady has the perfect solution! It all starts with popping off the cap of an industrial sized soap container. Some people have been able to use bigger containers and switch the top for a nozzle that fits – as long as its huge, you’ll have soap for months at a time! Once you pop it off, you’ll see a white cap. You need to remove this piece with a set of pliers to reveal the opening underneath.Then, she took plastic tubing and attached one end to the pump on her soap dispenser. You should be able to re-attach the little nozzle OVER the tubing to keep it secured. The other end was bent and shoved down into the bottom of the bottle of soap underneath the sink. She recommends bringing the pump from your sink to the store so that you can be sure the tubing fits as snugly as possible…you don’t want any leaks!Depending on how long your tubing is, it may take a lot of pumps before the soap starts to come out…but after that? You’ve got soap for practically ever!And when it does run out (in like, forever) you just pop the end of the tubing into a new container of soap! It’s brilliant! You can see the full process here!

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