She Couldn’t Make Their Beach Trip, So She Added Herself To Their Pictures Instead

This woman was pretty upset when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to go on vacation with her friends. They had planned a weekend beach trip, but the scheduling just didn’t work out in the end. She was bummed about it…but then, she got this crazy idea.

What if she made it look like she had been there all along? It turns out, using photo editing programs is a lot harder than people think. While the pictures technically included her, the comical results have quickly gone viral. Can’t go to the beach without your party sized chips and portable best friend!
They stopped to hang out at a pool, and she decided to go for a quick swim.
Hey, look! She brought pizza!She tried her best, at least. Who says the life of the party needs to be at the party? The most fun looks like it may have happened after the weekend trip was over.

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