She Couldn’t Find A Rug That Would Fit On Her Patio, So She Did Something Crazy Instead!

An outdoor rug is a tricky thing to find. Not only are they rather uncommon, they need to be durable and nice to look at. Tania was having no such luck. Her porch was narrow, and she finally decided that instead of wasting time looking for something that might not exist, she would just do it herself! She decided on a striped pattern and got to work!

“For years I have been looking for an outdoor rug that will fit the narrow front porch we have, and have had no look,” Tania wrote on her blog post about the project. “Recently it dawned on me — why not paint a rug on the porch?”

After scrubbing the concrete clean, she marked off the design using exterior painting tape. She applied two coats (waiting for each to dry before moving forward) of an outdoor concrete paint, which went on smoothly. When everything was dry, she peeled up the tape to reveal the pattern underneath!11-15a6But stripes weren’t enough. It didn’t look enough like a “rug,” so she added some detail with a small paint brush! Once it was dry, she set her furniture outside and the decorating was complete!
11-15a7It looks great…and best of all, it’s so easy to clean!11-15a13What would you do differently, if you decided to paint a rug onto your front porch? She chose a design that matched her home perfectly, and people everywhere are in love with her final look! You can find more details on this project here!

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