She Couldn’t Come To Terms With How She Had Gotten Until This Guy Gave Her A Terrible Wake-Up Call!

Growing older is just a part of life. It can be hard to acknowledge that your body is changing, that wrinkles are appearing as if by magic overnight, or that forgetting where you put your glasses down can ruin your entire day. (Oh, look, they were on my head the whole time.) No one really likes to talk about it, and after a while even looking in the mirror for too long can be a little bit depressing. This woman managed to keep those thoughts and feelings for a surprisingly long time…until one fateful day at a dentist’s appointment.


I don’t care what anybody says! I’m still young at heart! …Right? Poor Mary. In her defense, some of the people I went to high school with don’t look anything like their senior picture, and some of them don’t look like they have aged a single day! I hope that I can age gracefully like my mother has. At some point, I suppose I will stop really caring what the mirror reflects and just live my life, but today is not that day! I can be young at heart forever, right?

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