She Couldn’t Afford Her Physiotherapy Appointments, But A Kind Soul Overheard EVERYTHING!

Healthcare costs are outrageous. That’s something that everyone can agree on. When healthcare costs get in the way of actual care? That’s despicable. 

Physiotherapy is about managing pain after an injury and helping people with disabilities through movement and exercise. It’s a specific service that can greatly improve the quality of life for people who have to deal with constant pain. To be denied that service because of money is so very heartbreaking. One woman wasn’t going to stand for it.

I’ve recently been going to a physiotherapist to help recover full range of motion in an arm that has been in a cast for a month.

As I was waiting to register for my second appointment, I couldn’t help overhear the conversation with the patient checking out before me.

She was on disability, so most of the cost of her sessions were covered, except for $15 co-pays. The woman at the checkout desk asked if she would like to make her next appointment, but the patient said she couldn’t do so until she had found a way to get the money. “I’ll have to ask my daughter,” she said, before walking away.

After my session, I paid for the woman’s next appointment.

$15. It’s not that much to most people. But for someone making minimum wage, or for someone who relies on benefits, it’s a huge chunk of their budget. This woman’s budget was so tight that she needed to ask her daughter for the cash. Thankfully, this kind woman was there to overhear is and make the arrangements. I’ll bet the receptionist was really happy to be able to make that call! It’s one appointment that the woman won’t need to worry about. How sweet! 🙂

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