She Could Have Ignored The Whiny Toddler, But Instead, She Did THIS! Her Story Has Gone VIRAL!

Raising kids can be impossible sometimes. Their developing brains just can’t process the why’s and how’s that make up everyday life. Until I was 7, I thought mom paid for everything by writing a thank you note to the cashier (yes, I thought checks were thank you notes) and that dad was playing with his friends when he went to that mysterious place called “work” everyday. So when life gets tough, any change in a child’s routine can really throw them off. This can lead to anything from tantrums to mood swings, and when you are already feeling stressed out, this can make the problems even worse.

This mom was having a really tough time with her 3-year-old son…when a cashier decided to do something about it.


She could have said no. She could have just rolled her eyes and muttered something along the lines of “that’s not my job.” She could have politely declined and hurried to get the customers out of her lane. Instead, she took the time to let him help with the check out process. She let him scan the coupons. She distracted him from the troubles currently going on in his life. For those few minutes, he was happy, and he took that happiness with him out to the rest of his day. That’s one less thing for mom to worry about!

This story made me smile, and I wish there were more people like Kristen in the world! I can definitely understand this mom’s gratefulness, and I just hope that she took the time to write a thank you note to the store about their wonderful employee! (Yes, an actual thank you note, not a check.)

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