She Completely Forgot The Last Conversation That She Had With Her Father…Her Heart BREAKS When She Realizes WHY!

Do you remember the last conversation with your parents? Thankfully, mine are still alive. I spoke to my mom last week about my nephew’s cold and her weekend retreat with “the ladies.” If that ended up being the last conversation we had, would I be okay with that? When we were younger, mom would come to our rooms during homework time and just hang out. She wouldn’t always talk, and we thought it was a little weird that she did her mending while we tried to get through our worksheets, but I look back on those times and find myself missing them like crazy. We take too much for granted, and like the woman in this story, we might not appreciate the time that we do have with our loved ones.


My mom still talks about grandpa and the things he would do before he died. She says things like, “grandpa would have loved this,” or “I wonder what grandpa would have thought about that.” There will always be things left unsaid, but we should make the most out of our time on Earth. Call your parents today, call your kids, call your best friend. Just say hi! Tell them that you love them, ask about their days. You never know when your last conversation will be! Cherish every moment because that is what truly makes us human.

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