She Caught Him “In The Act” And Shared It Online For All The World To See!

Mikaa W. knew that her husband wanted his favorite meal for dinner that night. It was a Friday afternoon, but she didn’t have all of the ingredients. She took a trip to the store, but as she was in line to check out at the register, something caught her eye…A man was wearing the same uniform that her husband wears everyday. That wasn’t too uncommon; she was at their local grocery store and had already seen several of that same uniform on other shoppers. What caught her eye was the fact that the man kept fidgeting, covering his face, ducking behind other shoppers, and bending down to appear smaller.

Then, she realized that the man was actually her husband! She snapped a few pictures before he had the chance to escape.

You see, the past 2 years my husband has made a point to give me a dozen roses each Friday. I’ve always known they came from the floral dept (one day a cashier congratulated me for getting roses every week while he and I were shopping together). When our eyes finally locked-still a couple people between us in line-we both had the biggest smiles on our faces, we laughed under our breath & didn’t say a word to each other. He paid and left.” She wrote.

Even after his long, hard day at work, and even when it meant she would have to make an extra stop on her way home for a few ingredients, they had both gone out of their way to show each other how much it meant to do something nice.

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