She Caught Her Man CHEATING! She Wrote The Most INTENSE Breakup Letter EVER!

Social media has led to a lot in the world of romance…including breakups! The ability to connect through social media has led to a lot of happy relationships and marriages, but sadly it has also led to ending relationships too! It’s so easy to just start up a conversation with anyone that sometimes, people will use it to cheat on their significant others!

After this woman discovered her partner’s Facebook open on their computer, she found pages and pages of letters to other women – most recently, the infamous “Kelsi” – and she couldn’t believe it! Instead of destroying his property, however, she took a very creative approach that most people agree is just what this guy deserved!

Do YOU think she went a bit too far, or do you think that she should have done MORE?! This guy cheated on her, so I think he deserved a little bit of payback, and this is surely a lesson that he will never forget! Getting cheated on is the worst feeling. You put your trust in someone, and they shatter that precious trust without bothering to think of the other person’s feelings! At the very least, he could have had the decency to break up before he sent that message to Kelsi… Oh well, I wish them both better luck in their next relationships!


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