She Caught An Employee Talking To Her Son, But Didn’t Think The Manager Would Have THIS To Say About Her Kids!

This mom wants everyone to know about something that happened while she was out shopping one day. See, this mom has a son who is battling cancer. His entire life revolves around doctor’s appointments, treatments, and meetings. He doesn’t really get time to study and just be a kid. Having these health issues has given him anxiety, and he copes with it in the best way that he knows how. When he shared his story with an employee, she had an incredible reaction…one that his mother would never forget!


The future may not be certain for little Chase, but it is clear that he is making a difference each day in the only way he knows how. By talking to people, sharing his story, being kind, and keeping hope for the future, he touches thousands of hearts each day! His story is currently going VIRAL, and we can see why! This strong and courageous young man is taking life one minute at a time. He lives each moment for what it is, looking to the future with hope and excitement. For now, I hope that he can achieve his next goal of going to second grade – and passing with flying colors! Way to go, Chase!

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