She Captured The Moment Her Father Saw His Kidney Donor After The Operation In One Viral Photograph

For over three decades, her father lived with 26.5% kidney function. It was discovered at the young age of 18 during a routine physical, but he surprised everyone when it stayed the same for years and years afterwards.

But in 2012, it began to decline rapidly, and his doctors said that something would finally need to be done – he needed a transplant. He was placed on the list and waited. In 2015, he began dialysis. Several months later, the family began to actively search for a donor and decided to reach out to friends, family, and strangers to see if there was a match out there for donation.

Incredibly, only minutes after posting their plea for help, a man named Ricky replied and wanted to be tested.

For nearly two years, three different transplant centers tested the pair to make certain the donation would work. In early May of 2017, the board approved the donation. At the end of May, the transplant was completed…and the two men saw each other after a life-altering surgery. While they both face new challenges in life after the major procedure, they have changed each other’s lives for the better. This picture captures the thankfulness, the joy, and the emotion of the friends and family that supported the pair through the worst of it all.

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