She Came To School And Found Post-It Notes On Everyone’s Locker. The Reason Is Heartbreaking.

Juliana Discher couldn’t believe the news. A student had committed suicide and left everyone at school stunned. They weren’t sure how to process the information, much less move on after such a horrible thing. But they had to try.

Everyone was feeling dejected and upset, so in order to cheer people up, a couple of girls went around our school and put post-it notes on every locker and teacher’s door. The notes said encouraging messages like “You are valued”, “You are beautiful”, and “You are loved”.

The girls didn’t care that it would take them all day. They didn’t care that they would be writing with markers until their hands were sore. They knew that they had to do something.

9-8a13They couldn’t bring back the student who had decided to take his own life, but they could bring back a little bit of joy and try to mend the pain that students were feeling. There were 3,600 lockers at the school, but the girls were determined to put a note on each and every one.

There was such a feeling of love and unity throughout the halls. A simple post-it note reminded us that it gets better.”

Every child who came to school that day (and the teachers, too) was able to smile. The sticky notes didn’t immediately heal the wounds, but they paved the way for everyone to start the process together. They didn’t have to be “okay” today, but they knew that with time, they might be “okay” again in the future. That hope is worth living for.


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