She Came Back From A Day At The Zoo To Find THIS On Her Windshield!

When we find a note on our windshield, it usually doesn’t bode well for anyone involved. We’ve all probably gotten the sheepish, “I hit your car, I’m sorry, I’m just writing this because someone saw me and thinks I’m giving you my information. Good luck. Again. Sorry.”

Maybe we’ve even gotten a nasty note that makes fun of our inability to park between the lines “like a normal human being!!!” The worst is a parking ticket letting us know that the meter expired!

Whatever the reason, seeing a little slip of paper under the windshield wipers gives us all a moment of dread as we open it up to see what it says…

For one woman, she got a shock from the parking attendants at this zoo – and she had to share it on Facebook for everyone to see!



We noticed that your rear passenger side tyre was low on air (slow puncture maybe!) We have blown it up to 30psi at 3:45, so hope that gets you home ok.

-Carpark Team @ Chester Zoo”


This is too sweet! I don’t know of any attendants working in a parking lot that would go out of their way to help someone out like this! The zoo quickly picked up on the story after hundreds of comments like this flooded in to alert the zoo about their incredible staff!


Thanks to comments like this one, the attendants got the recognition that they deserved! (And hopefully raises!)

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