She Broke Her Piggy Bank While Searching For A Miracle, And Found One In A Place That No One Thought To Look!

Kids pick up on a lot. They might not understand what they are hearing and they might not be able to follow the direction of an overheard conversation, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t listening. Most of the time, they will forget our conversations or off-handed comments and go about their days like they normally do. But some of the time, what we say can really affect them, and in this little girl’s case, she couldn’t help but act on what she had overheard…


Their daughter overheard their conversation and instead of forgetting about it, she decided that it made a lot of sense! Of course she could buy a miracle! They needed one, didn’t they? The a child’s faith, she marched to the nearby pharmacy and demanded the miracle that she needed! While she didn’t understand the concept of money just yet, she did understand that you needed money to buy things, so she brought all of the money that she had.

Now, her parents wouldn’t have brought every last dime that they had to the pharmacy and demanded a miracle. They wouldn’t have wasted the time on something that logically, couldn’t help them get through this. But the faith of their child proved to be stronger than everyone else’s, and this story has helped me to look at life in a different way!

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