She Bought A New Rug, Grabbed Markers And Painter’s Tape, And Made This AWESOME Rug!

A designer rug can easily cost over $500, and while we may love the idea of a plush surface to lounge on, spending that much on a rug isn’t possible for everyone. So, when one woman spotted a large run on sale for $25.00, she just HAD to buy it! The only problem? It was so plain. She thought she would try and paint the rug or color it in some way, so she grabbed her supplies and got to work.9-29a3She found a design online that she wanted to copy and began to mark out each section with large stretches of tape and paper diamonds to make sure that every line was as perfect as possible.9-29a4She traced cardboard cut-outs and used the painter’s tape as a stencil to make straight, smooth lines. She made sure that each fiber was colored in thickly with the permanent markers.9-29a5The entire project used up two permanent markers, but if she were going to try again, she would use paint pens instead. The geometric patterns are perfect for a simplistic rug, and the bold patterns are easy to mimic for this DIY project!9-29a6Instead of paying $500, she was able to do this project for $25.00! It did take a few hours to complete, but if you have ever wanted to color on the carpet, now is your chance! Choose a design and get to it! Maybe try different colors or copy your favorite design! See more details on this project here. Would you ever try this in your home?


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