She Bought A Dresser With NO Drawers! Wait Until You See What She TRANSFORMED It Into!

Most people would take one look at this set of “drawers” and wonder why it was even out to be sold in the first place. One mom was out looking at a local garage sale and saw this shell for sale. It had chipped paint, no drawers, and was basically useless…but she saw potential (and those gorgeous French legs!) and decided to risk it. She bought it and brought it to her garage. She already had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to do!


It looks like it could be beautiful…but I can’t see past the empty shell! She isn’t discouraged, though. She grabs a saw and gets to work!


First, she removed the top and cut out four of the drawers. Do you see where she’s going with this? Because I don’t. It just looks like a mess from here! Even though it’s rough, she keeps going! She’s got a vision and she isn’t giving up!


She lays down some wood in the three drawers on the right, adds plywood backing to the remaining hole, and creates a custom board to fit on top. It’s starting to look like…something. But I need to see a bit more before I become a believer that this shell is anything but junk.


WOW. Now here is a design I can get behind! She repainted the entire thing. She stained the wood a beautiful dark shade, and added crown molding to the bottom of the seat! While I wouldn’t trust it to hold the weight of a full-grown man, a kid could easily stop there to re-tie his shoelaces or mom could use it as a prop in a cute photograph! 2.26a5

What really makes this piece unique? The accessories! This mom had a bunch of knick-knacks lying around, and they turn this piece into a dainty and beautiful work of art! I’d love to try this out one day! Would you have thought to do this to an empty chest of drawers? It’s gorgeous!

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